From Misinformed to Informed

Everyday millions of people are scrolling social media, watching tv, reading a newspaper, or talking amongst each other. Within all of this, so much information is shared and changed. We hear or read it one way and interpret it another way. We have our feeds curated to what we like and our circle of friends are controlled by who we allow in. But what happens when what you see or read is out of your control? What happens when you start to question all of the information you are taking in? More importantly, at which point so we question what is being fed to us?

While many of us do not think twice about what we are reading online or hearing from news sources, we are living in a constant state of misinformation. According to 18 Eye-Opening Fake News Statistics for 2023 62% of all information online can be fake and an astonishing 80% of U.S. adults have consumed fake news. So much is designed to be biased and fabricated and that leaves me wondering who do we trust?!

I know internet and media literacy isn’t something that is widely taught yet it is great important and can prevent not only how much misinformation is taken in but can also stop the spread. Below I have attached a presentation of the skills I’ve learned on how to spot misinformation.

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