From Misinformed to Informed

Everyday millions of people are scrolling social media, watching tv, reading a newspaper, or talking amongst each other. Within all of this, so much information is shared and changed. We hear or read it one way and interpret it another way. We have our feeds curated to what we like and our circle of friends… Continue reading From Misinformed to Informed

So Not Fake

When looking for credible websites and/or platforms, I, myself, tend to go to the same organizations or platforms. It is always given a sense of reliability and trust. I’ve always questioned is a well known source more reliable or are they just… well known?! Besides being educated on how to spot information, I always wondered… Continue reading So Not Fake

With the Click of a Button

Who knew that there were games to practice spreading fake news and misinformation. I was baffled! Yet intrigued at the same time. The two games I decided to play were Breaking Harmony Square and Bad News. More than anything the names caught my attention. First up is Breaking Harmony Square. My first thoughts were, “What… Continue reading With the Click of a Button

Who and What to Believe

As my tagline states: the misinformed who informs is the going thing these days. Not only are we constantly taking in new information, we are taking in a lot of false information. I myself am guilty of listening to the social media news anchors. Yesterday I was on edge thinking that they were taking TikTok… Continue reading Who and What to Believe

Another 24

Myself, amongst millions of others spend way too much time a day online, on social media to be exact. I find myself subconsciously switching between about four apps on any given day. If it is not Instagram, then it is Facebook and if it’s not Facebook, it’s the most addictive one we all know as… Continue reading Another 24