Is There Fault in Our stars?

How many times have you been having a conversation and a topic comes up and you guys are either very intrigued and in tune or you guys have opposing views… I would like to say quite often I am finding myself either trying to prove my point or agreeing to disagree. But though it is easier to agree to disagree, I like to try to prove my point to at least get them to understand.

Is it false information? If one party does not agree or is it just opposing views. And is one wrong to try to prove that point or what steps do you want to go through to try to validate the claim that is being made

The other day, my friend randomly asked me do I believe in astrology, and I responded with a quick, yes, because to me, it is very true, but to Damn it makes no sense, and is all made up information.

Exhibit A

My first stop was how can one not believe in it, or are usually the ones that don’t believe in claims are the ones that fit the claim the best. Then I was quick to ask myself is this just my biases coming into play?! I wasn’t off to a good start when I asked if they were an Aquarius because I felt as if they fit that role the best and not the role of being a Pisces… silly me!

What I wanted, and this conversation is that it was hard for me to prove my beliefs, and how I saw the claim as true without valid information. So I went into a Google spiral to try to prove my claim. but it was not easy!

Me getting to work!

Step one was asking myself why do I care so much about this claim? Is it because I believe that it is true and I think that it is suspicious that my friend does not… but more than anything. I think the research to prove the credibility of astrology is important because it can help a person understand how they are, and better understand the people and personality traits around them.

Prior to entering this, besides my own red flags towards my friend, I didn’t think that there were any red flags on the subject at hand. But I do know that it can become hard to validate what is credible due to people, taking their own beliefs, and making their own statements about each sign.

My second step is scrolling social media, because that is the most accessible thing I use on a daily basis. But using social media to prove, this claim was not easy and practically impossible due to people making up silly things just to get likes and shares. while some of the statements or memes were true, there was no credible research at hand

This funny meme I found on Capricornthingz page

This was funny but did not give any validated sources about us Capricorns.

After this, I make my way to Google to do some in-depth m research and I came across this article Is Astrology Real? Here’s What Science Says and they spoke about how astrology is the study of the placement of the stars but the short answer is, there is no scientific truth to it. That left me questioning why or how have they made it so relatable and true to me at least

One of my biggest arguments to validate my stance on the topic, was applying it to our every day lives, or to people we know. The astrology isn’t scientifically proven. It has been proven true in various ways. following this, I looked up traits of every single sign, and then ask my friend to apply these popular traits to people they know that fit the signs.

But I know that that does not prove that a claim is valid, so the next step would be researching why and how astrology and horoscopes work. according to this articleHow does astrology work? It states that though it is not science it is more of a placebo effect. In order for one to find truth in it, they must believe that the placement of the stars has an impact on one’s personality, mood, and environment. It also states that like many things if you feed it to a person over and over again, it is more bound to stick and become a routine and a belief.

before this, I just believed anything in regards to astrology. If they had to tarot cards or a book or just wrote some thing that was relatable to me and my sign. I never thought to cross reference what was being put out there and not to say that I have changed my mind, but I am more aware of all of the miss information that can be spread within this topic.

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